Our Bio...

Bob and Audrey Meisner are currently hosting the television program, It’s A New Day, which can be streamed 24/7 on the Internet at It’s also seen weekdays on broadcast channels across Canada. Released in February 2005, Marriage Under Cover, Bob and Audrey’s book about hope after betrayal, adultery and an unexpected pregnancy is undergoing its third printing, and thousands are getting new perspective and help for their marriages. In July 2006, Best Friends Best Lovers takes marriages to the next step, as Bob and Audrey honestly discuss eight ways to be satisfied in love.

Speaking at conferences and churches worldwide, Bob & Audrey now dedicate themselves to communicating that no mistake, accident or tragedy can completely destroy God’s ultimate purpose for our lives. Passionate about “staying together”, covenant marriage is first and foremost on their hearts.

Bob and Audrey host It’s A New Day together, write together, speak together, live together and enjoy the extreme love of their lives: their four children. Christopher(’86), Janelle(’89), David(’91) and Robert(’01).

Our Dream…

There’s healing, hope and a bright future even in the middle of painful circumstances and impossible obstacles. Many marriages and families are merely surviving and not enjoying the benefits of unconditional love and transparent honesty. Pain, secrets, abuse, unmet expectations and disappointments have resulted in broken dreams and shattered hope.

WE ARE COMPLETELY CONVINCED THAT EVERY MARRIAGE CAN AND SHOULD BE FULL OF PEACE, JOY, FRIENDSHIP, SHARED DREAMS AND LAUGHTER. Our dream is to effectively communicate God’s unconditional love and grace…He’s pursuing deep relationship with each one of us. So many think they’ve disappointed God, and there’s no chance of reconciliation. Our message is clear: God is not holding your sins against you, and His ability to take broken hearts and mend them is astounding.

God chose our marriages to represent who we are with Him to a lost and dying world. This covenant relationship is as close as we can get to heaven on earth! Our marriage is the secure place where our children learn to love and make their lives purposeful and effective. Our dream is to invest into generations unseen by thriving in life and love.

~Bob and Audrey